And that is why I have many modalities that I share and teach, many different certifications that I have obtained, so I can share with my clients to accelerate their growth. A glimpse into the many trainings and certifications I have completed include but are not limited to Quantum Healing, Spiritual and Conscious Channeling, Intuitive Coaching, Mediumship, Universal Laws and Divine Timing, Quantum Meditation, Money and Wealth Coaching, Past Life Analyst, Multiple Clairvoyant Classes, Whole body and Subconscious Healing modalities with Alchemy and MindShift, Mastering Emotions through the BrainGAME, Reiki Master Teacher, Numerology PsychK Facilitator, and numerous hours of Nutritional Response Testing.  

When you work with me, unless you are choosing a specific class or program, I connect to your energetic and frequency fields, as well as your spiritual guides to intuitively guide you towards your Divine Sunshine, using each of my tools and modalities as needed as you shift through various seasons in your life. I help you to move forward right where you are, in that specific moment, channeling the energy, connecting with guides, higher beings, and realigning the flow of life back in a positive way to help you to feel reconnected, confident and ready to trust your own intuition. 

I believe we all have gifts to share with the world. We all have reasons WHY we are here. Channeling and sharing the divine guidance I receive with others is my most valuable asset, it is MY gift. And it brings me so much JOY to share this insight, provide guidance, and watch you discover your own Divine Sunshine, lighting up from WITHIN and discovering ALL the possibilities that are here for you in this lifetime.

If you are looking for a FUN loving, relatable, keeps shit real kind of girl to help you on your journey towards Divine Sunshine, I would absolutely love to get to know you more and see how I may be able to help! 

My name is Allison Morrow - Medium, Channeler,
Life & Success Coach, and I am Divine Sunshine.

I intuitively guide other divine souls to feel and find their light from within, their own divine sunshine.


I believe that there is no limit to the things we can learn, grow, and evolve from 


* In person & virtual available


what clients are saying

Here’s the deal: Allison is amazing. I recently had a QuE session with her and we worked to move some energy that has had me in a funk for a while. While I was connecting to my true essence we were able to identify and clear the root cause for some of my continued patterning as an adult. It started when I was 6! Allison has a true passion for not only QuE work but also for helping her clients to clear their blocks and make the most of their lives! Although you may not have heard of QuE, rest assured with Allison’s passion for it and for helping others it’s something you need to try.

elisa h.

I can't express enough how incredibly beautiful this woman is! if you are in need of releasing habits that no longer serve you, if you desire the tools to use have for life to have a life of freedom, please reach out to her she is effective in all energy work whether it is distance or in-person a game-changer let the universe flow through you not against you it feels amazing

Jessica N.

Allison is extremely intuitive and connected, so the effectiveness of the Que sessions are enhanced by her ability to connect and focus on the areas that can create the overall needed shift. Sometimes we don't always know exactly what we need even if we think we do, and Allison can sort through the energy and zone in on the most needed areas to guide you and enhance the experience with noticeable and impactful results. 

jean L.

After each time we connect, it is my personal mission that you will leave feeling lighter and brighter; feeling the confidence and courage to take the next best step in your life toward what you want to create!


✓ trust yourself more
✓ love who you are
✓ feel the freedom you desire to express yourself

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